All Region 2005


(back row) Caleb Mikles, Wes Packard, Adam Fields, Collin Trovillion (front row)-Emily Whitaker, Andy Chen, Todd Steelman, Robin Okimoto


(back) Josh DeShay, Justin Welch, Scott Verdery, Andrew Proffitt (front) - Jessica Escalante, Connor Murphy, Will Tedford, Leslie Brown Not pictured-Michelle Cho


(back) Connor Scogin, Preston Hamm, Robert Dix, Caleb Foshee (front) - Meerim Choi, Eleni Paulson, Brynn Jones, Stephen Ironside


FHS Band students selected as first chair in the first band: (back) - John Kim, Don Oliver, Dylan Sherwood, Grayson Hutson (front) - Erin Fredrick, Angie Kring, Jenni Maisel

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