All-Region 2017

Left to right:  Stephanie Beitle, Lucas Bellaiche, Allison Graham,
Audrey McCalister, Aidan Smith, Kayla DeMark
Not pictured: Andrew Crippen

Left to right: Jackson Renfro, Mesa Matlock, Albert Ko, Sara Rulli, Haley Jackson, Griffin Smith
Not pictured: Namrata Anand

Left to right: Eli Helf, Grace Martin, Amanda Thomsen, Rafael Restrepo, Anna Mays, Vincent Rubinelli
Not pictured: Josh Caperton

Left to right: Gretchen Palmer, Zhiwen Xu, Storm Clark, Colton Townsend, Maddie Smith, Nathalie Carney
Not pictured: Kennedy Spencer

all-region 5

Left to right: Gabe Hardin, Ivy Dell, Jenna Caudle, Lilly Stults, Robert Benafield, Grady Cape
Not pictured: Drew Watson

all-region 6

Left to right: Nicholas Soderquist, Seongbae Kong, Daphne West, Emily Jackson, Will Hadley

All Region photo #7

Left to right: Ana Reif, Lillian Holt, Noah Riley, Ethan Peters, Kate Wolchok, Kiya Campbell